The perfect M.O.T.H.E.R’s Day present!

Unsure how to treat your maths-mad Mum this Mother’s Day? Don’t worry - here’s all the inspiration you need. Inspired by M.O.T.H.E.R of course! 

M - Maryam Mirzakhani

One of the most inspiring mathematicians of the 21st century, why not share this fantastic female role model with your own mum by gifting her a Maryam Mirzakhani sweatshirt! 


Find out more about Maryam Mirzakhani’s life and incredible contributions to mathematics on!

O - Origami

Why not make some beautiful (and mathematical) decorations for your mum! If you’re in any doubt of the link between this ancient Japanese practise and maths, here’s a quick refresh -

T - Tom Rocks Maths!

If your mum’s a maths fan then introducing her to the Tom Rocks Maths YouTube channel is the perfect (and free!) gift.

Tom’s videos are educational and entertaining, covering a variety of topics from discovering snowflake fractals, taking on GCSE maths papers as an Oxford professor, to the Millennium Prize problems! She’ll be hooked in no time, which solves the question of what to get her for her next birthday too - check out Tom’s merchandise for some fantastic gift ideas!



H - Hippotenuse

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten how to spell. We just love the latest water bottle design from Dr. Trefor (another fab maths YouTuber)! If your mum loves a maths pun this gift is a perfect way to share a classic trigonometry joke.



E - Earrings

If you're after a more typical Mother’s Day gift but want to give it a mathematical twist then some pi, infinity or fibonacci spiral earrings are ideal! Check out Etsy for some ideas! 

R - Riemann Hypothesis

No gift is complete without the Riemann Hypothesis (or at least I think that’s how Gödel’s incompleteness theorem goes…) Treat your logic-crazy mum to some new maths merch featuring one of the most beautiful (and definitely complex) equations in science.