Looking for Maths on Youtube will bring back a pretty stressful time for some students. When all else fails and you just can’t understand what differentiation is, there’s always the option of a very helpful teacher on YouTube. However this is not the only place you’ll find maths on this platform! For those with an interest, but not under the strain of passing their GCSE, exploring a whole new field or hearing from your favourite researcher is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon on YouTube. Here are three of our favourite mathematicians on YouTube, who are here for entertainment not exams.

1. Tom Rocks Maths

Think Rock Star meets an Oxford professor, and then throw in a bit of stripping... Dr Tom Crawford loves to share insights into his research in an accessible and exciting way, as well as sharing inside knowledge on the world of Oxford: he’s helped a musician to pass the Oxford Maths entrance exam, and also tried an A-Level paper himself. His unique style and maths themed tattoos make this YouTuber unmissable! 


2. Dr Trefor

With over 200K subscribers, Dr Trefor Bazett is clearly very popular and it’s easy to see why. His engaging but simple and accessible videos cover all corners of the maths universe, from Linear Algebra to Differential Equations, even how to use LaTex to make your graphics and paper look its best! 


3. David Sumpter

He may not have his own channel, but David Sumpter is a regular on some of the most viewed academic influencers out there! From Ted Talks to Oxford University podcasts to the Royal Institution, if you’re interested in how maths relates to sports and how equations can help you in your everyday life be sure to check out as much of his content as possible!

Once you’re hooked then his merchandise is just irresistible: we’ve got you covered.