How to cram like a pro(fessor of maths)!

For maths students, the January exam period is one of the worst. After completely forgetting all things calculus during the Christmas break, you suddenly find yourself back at uni with only two weeks to cram a whole term's worth of revision. Luckily, Dr. Trefor is here for you. When you need some productive procrastination (if such a thing exists), the maths professor and seasoned test taker has shared some of his top tips to help you survive those looming exams. Trefor helpfully explains the best ways to plan your time, process large amounts of course content and how to effectively practice questions to optimise your learning: check out his video My FINAL EXAM STUDY SYSTEM as a math prof.

Trefor’s final suggestion in exam preparation is to relax: eat balanced meals, sleep well, exercise every day and be sure to invest time in keeping your mind in shape. Here are some of our favourite activities any mathematician bracing for their exam period can add into their schedule for that all important relaxation!

1. Tea Breaks

The classic pause. Put the kettle on, stretch your legs, get out your favourite Beautiful Equations mug and have a cup of tea. Whether you love a classic breakfast brew, an exotic herbal mix or a comforting camomile with a cookie, just getting away from your desk for a few minutes is sure to give you the quick refresh you need to keep differentiating with speed and precision!

2. Watch TV

Maths is complicated. So is Love Island. However, we’re pretty sure that kind of complexity works a different part of your brain… Watching something completely different is a great way to give the equations part of your cerebrum a break. If you really love maths and reality TV just isn’t your thing, then YouTubers such as Tom Rocks Maths & Dr. Trefor have videos on all sorts of weird and wonderful mathematical topics: you’re sure to find something completely different from your studies that can interest and relax your brain.

3. Fresh air

The silence of a library can be intense. A short break each hour to get outside and have some deep breaths of fresh air can help to clear the head and provide a quick change of scenery. During the January exams, be sure not to forget your Dr. Trefor Hippotenuse Hoodie to stay warm!

4. Chat to your coursemates

When the workload is overwhelming it can be helpful to vent to those that understand best, your classmates. Whether you rant about revision or chat about anything but maths, these are the people in the exact same situation with the same time pressures, if you're feeling stressed you may as well all be stressed together! Just be sure to avoid those who started revising months ago and can recite the textbook in their sleep...

5. Move your body

Revision is a workout for your brain, but don’t forget your body needs exercise too. It doesn't need to be complicated - play football with your friends, do a dance workout on YouTube, or simply go for a walk!